Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thai cooking

Oh how I wish I had a picture to share, of Sam shoveling it in and sweating. Toy would be proud, I think. Last night I made Sam a mixed seafood curry. It was hot! like hothot! Thai hot! also known as too hot for (white girl) me to eat. but he loves it that way. since it's just me and him at the house, I made him some extra hot Thai food.
First, I ground up Thai peppers and garlic and added that to my sizzling wok. then added the red curry paste and let it cook for a minute. Next, I added the seafood, tentacles and all, stirring to make sure eveything was well coated. Then comes the bamboo shoots and coconut milk. finish with some fish sauce and some fresh Thai basil. Sam was very pleased with my efforts. too bad zach wasn't there to enjoy it...

Next time, I'll take a picture! Thanks Toy for the lessons and the inspiration!

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christy b., that's me! said...

You must take pictures of your creations...LOL.